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deviation in storage by BambisBaby
deviation in storage by BambisBaby



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Radu the Demon by Exemia
Radu the Demon
Despite Teen Titans Go! not being storyline-driven or having a lot of drama like the old series, I still like it and appreciate that BBxRae is semi-canon (PLEASE make it officially canon!).

But anyway, one of the minor characters introduced to the show that I like is The Demon that appears from time to time, despite him having appeared only 3 times, I feel like he could be developed a bit more. Since the 'Little Buddies' episode, I think he'd be an interesting pet/ally for Raven but would have a more anti-hero kind of alliance (if that makes sense :iconsweatdropplz: ), he'd be very mischievous, loves causing trouble and picks on the other Titans but will help out if his master is in dire trouble as well as the others after warming up to them a little.

I also think this would be a cool name for him. So here he is, Radu the Demon. I tried drawing him in as close to the original Teen Titans art style as I could.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below. ^__^
I don't own Teen Titans or it's characters.
Papa Tinkerbull by Exemia
Papa Tinkerbull
Tinkerbull playing with little Grub!Tavros like the good parent he is. Look at this cuteness. LOOK AT IT!!! :iconzoominplz: :iconcutenessplz:
Homestuck and its characters belong to :iconandrewhussieplz:
Titan OC by Exemia
Titan OC
Guess what I've been reading? :meow: I'm now addicted to this series and I love the suspense, twists and turns of the plot, the characters and the fact that the Titans are one of the more unique enemies I've ever seen. I've seen quite a few OC Titans and I thought that I should have a go at drawing one, eventhough I normally suck arse at drawing the human form. :iconsweatdropplz: But I actually managed to get this right first time which felt like a major achievement to me. :iconhellyeahplz: And this is actually me as a Titan but I haven't given myself any over-the-top abilities or anything like that, so here's a description. (May colour this later)
Name: Ghost Titan
Height Class: 15 Metres
Appearance: Slim in appearance with little musculature, long brown hair, blue eyes. Has rather short pointed ears, sunken eyes with dark rings underneath them, extremely pale skin and the most notable feature being the long, sharp nails. The front teeth have sharp denticles giving them a zig-zag shape.
Abilities: Very basic fighting ability in kickboxing
Great stealth
Can emit a screech that momentarily stuns opponents
Attack Style: Animalistic - mainly uses claws and teeth to attack.
Temperament: Shy, mostly very docile and relaxed, rarely aggressive.
Other info: Tends to be more active at night but will appear on overcast/rainy days. Skin glows in the moonlight.

So there you have it; me as a Titan.... Not much else to say really. xP
Comments are appreciated.
Attack on Titan and everything in it belongs to Hajime Isayama.
I belong to me.


Exemia's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Good evening ladies and gents, I am Exemia. You may address me by this name, my real name or any nickname you choose just as long as it's friendly.

Born April 29 Year of the Pig, Star Sign Taurus

Things I like: Manga, anime, videogames, drawing, painting, writing and reading fanfictions, solitude, Disney movies

Things I hate: Spiders, certain heights, bullies

If you you want me to do any drawings for you I'd be happy to, just send a note of what you want and I'll get it done ASAP.

Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Rock, instrumental, anime soundtracks, sad/soothing music
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: There are many that I like but I try not to pick favourites 'cause they're all awesome in their own way.
Personal Quote: Art is whatever you want it to be

To anyone who is reading this... PLEASE COMMENT ON MY WORK!

I'm not demanding that you comment on my work since that's your choice but it would be appreciated because then I could see people's opinion on them.

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Watching: QI
  • Drinking: Fizzy Vimto

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